The 2019 Blue Book, by list of authors

01.Assimilation of atmospheric and land observations. Data impact and sensitivity studies. Methodological advances

02.Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing, reanalysis,and associated studies
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
I.V. Chernykh and O.A. AldukhovEstimates of Cloud Layers Number from Global Atmospheric Radiosounding DataRussia2-05
K. Reid, I. Simmonds, C. Vincent, A. KingTrends in the occurrence of Australian northwest cloudbandsAustralia2-07
I. Rudeva, I. Simmonds, D. Crock, G. BoschatSouthern Hemisphere fronts and their role in changes in the Hadley Cell extentAustralia2-09
D. Thorn, I. Simmonds, A. KingCoupled changes in Antarctic sea ice and cyclones on the daily time scaleAustralia2-11

03.Computational studies including new techniques, parallel processing, GPUs. Effects of model resolution

04.Parameterization of atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different physical parameterizations
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
P. MarquetA new way to compute the energy budget in GCMs and NWP models with the use of the enthalpy flux: the EBEX-2000 campaign.France4-03
P.Marquet, L.Descamps, F.BouysselA new ``grid-point storm control'' scheme in the ARPEGE NWP modelFrance4-05

05.Development of and studies with regional and convective-scale atmospheric models and ensembles

06.Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, global ensembles
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
Z.N. BegumNumerical Global Atmospheric Model Findings vis-a-vis International Experiments, I-STEP, INDOEX and GEWEX, relevant to Atmospheric Environment and Global ClimateIndia6-03
Y. Ota, M. Ikegami, H. YamaguchiUpgrade of initial perturbations made using the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter in JMA's Global EPSJAPAN6-05

07.Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing, monthly and seasonal forecasting

08.Development of and advances in ocean, sea-ice, and wave modelling and data assimilation

09.Development of and studies with coupled and Earth system models and data assimilation systems
Author(s)Paper titleCountryPages
Amita Prabhu, Sujata K. MandkeIndian rainfall and Eurasian snow climatology in CMIP5 historical simulationsINDIA9-03
A. Wada, H. Yoshimura, M. NakagawaPreliminary numerical experiments on the prediction of Typhoon Lionrock (2016) using the global atmosphere-ocean coupled modelJapan9-05
A. Wada, R. P. GileRoles of ocean coupling and cumulus parameterization in predicting rainfall amounts caused by landfalling typhoons in the PhilippinesJapan9-07
A. WadaThe impacts of preexisting oceanic cold eddies on the intensity forecast of Typhoon Trami (2018) during the mature phaseJapan9-09
A. Wada, H. TomitaComparison of J-OFURO remote-sensing based ocean flux data with numerical simulations by a coupled atmosphere-wave-ocean model in Typhoon Dujuan (2015) caseJapan9-11

10.Forecast verification: methods and studies